Hi, I’m Trimeloni Frazier of Vivid Belle Beauty makeup studio located in Huntsville, Alabama. I was born and raised in Greenville GA, a small town south of Atlanta. Growing up I enjoyed watching my older sister prepare for events such as Homecoming Queen, Miss Georgia Pageant, or to stand behind a podium to deliver a speech. She would always pull her look together with a touch of makeup. I was captivated by the small transformation that I witnessed just by adding light makeup. Upon graduating high school, my desire to travel and be of service to others prompted me to join the military. During my travels I experienced various cultures and illustrations of beauty. I want to help people embrace who they are and enhance their natural beauty.

My mantra “ Give me a canvas along with your vision and I will paint you a portrait “.


I offer 7 years of experience in makeup artistry. Through training and education, I have learned various techniques that allow me to provide my clients the finished looks they desire. I am a lifelong learner so I am always attending classes, reading and searching for ways to provide a memorable experience for anyone that sits in my chair. My passion has allowed me to meet so many amazing people. My reward is the smile I get each time I hand my client a mirror.


Truth is, we all have scars. You’re already beautiful to me. I just want you to see it too :)